Welcome to the official website of the ‘South Leeds Sisters’.

We are a group of like-minded women who have come together to form an all-female affiliated running club based in Leeds. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and sociable club with members of all ages. Anyone is welcome to come along and join our training sessions. We do a variety of runs so there is always someone to run with and no one is left behind.

We meet three times a week offering sessions to suit all abilities from beginners with no previous experience through to half marathon training.

The Sisters can run a mile in 12 minutes, some can do it in 10 and others in 8. Some class themselves as beginners and others more experienced. All of the sisters turn up with the sole intention of running together with techniques like the loop back meaning nobody is left behind.

Whether you are super quick or more inclined to take a leisurely pace it makes no difference – as long as you enjoy it then you are more than welcome to join us!

Women join us for a variety of reasons and there are ample benefits to joining a running club like the South Leeds Sisters. Many members find that running in a group provides the motivation we all sometimes need to get ‘up and out’ as well as having some ‘me’ time to concentrate on their fitness.

Getting to know fellow club members is also an important part of our philosophy. When we’re running round, conversation can be fairly limited so as well as taking part in events together, we organise social events throughout the year, giving us the chance to get out of our running kit and relax for a few hours.